FY-II Germanium


Germanium Fuzz | 9v | True Bypass

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Limited edition FY-2G – Vaderin Pedals’ take on the FY-2 Germanium circuit.

A distant relative of the Fuzz Face, the FY-2G is a super loud, extremely brutal germanium fuzz circuit that can achieve fuzz tones ranging from tight top-end grind to doomed-out earth-shaking fuzz. Not to be confused with the silicon circuit of “Exit Music” fame, this is my version of the earlier, rarer and louder precursor to that pedal. I added some low-end attenuation to the Volume pot, so this pedal stays tight as you turn it up.

The left knob dials in the Fuzz and can go from smooth and fluid to “ripped-speaker” gated. This pedal cleans up to a harmonically rich dirty-clean with the volume knob rolled back. Built using Nichicon electrolytic capacitors, NOS hand-selected germanium transistors, 1% metal-film resistors and hi-end film capacitors.

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