Jumbo Fuzz


Distortion/Fuzz | 9v | True Bypass

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My take on the Jen Jumbo Fuzz – a BMP clone from the early 70’s based on various V1 Triangle circuits. This BMP variant is unique because it features a germanium transistor powered noise gate. My version is pretty close to the original circuit, but includes a Gate control and an updatd output stage for more output volume.

Fun fact – The Misfits used a Jumbo Fuzz on their early recordings. This pedal gets that exact doom chainsaw sound and is completely silent when you stop playing. The gate makes for an interesting rhythm element as well if you time your playing with it.

Why does this pedal look like an HP-X? It was a misprint! One of the joys of prototyping and why test prints are necessary. I had Jumbo Fuzz PCBs and they matched the drill pattern (and Jumbo Fuzzes were red and black).

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