Boost/Distortion | 9v | True Bypass

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Articulate clean boost for guitar that can be pushed into compressed and supersaturated all-transistor distortion.

Goes from sparkly clean to gigantic bullfrog distortion causing rumbles and amp quakes.

All controls are highly interactive!

LEVEL: The clean boost level.

LVL is not the output volume, but a linear clean boost that precedes the pedal’s second gain stage.

DIRT: The distortion level and character.

DRT is the pedal’s second gain stage. Set at 0 to turn it off for a clean boost. From 0 to 9 o’clock, the signal begins to distort and has the greatest nuances in saturated even-order harmonics (crackle ok!). Turn DRT from 9’o clock onward for full blown destruction.

COMPRESSION: The squash.

Adjust to taste to even out your dynamics; squashing, boosting and adding distortion to your signal. CMP is not a “true” compressor, but has the perceived effect when adjusted. Try this control with DRT turned off and LVL set to taste for saturated/squished tones.