Distortion/Fuzz | 9v | True Bypass

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The Colossus is based around the Tone Bender MKII circuit with the addition of versatile Bass and Top controls for maximum tone shaping flexibility while preserving the MKII fuzz sound.

This pedal is also a hybrid pedal, using a combination of a specially selected silicon transistor for the first stage and NOS GT404 germanium transistors for the second stage.

BASS – pre-gain tone control
– Turn clockwise to cut bass, turn counterclockwise to allow more low end frequencies to hit the germanium transistor gain stage
– This control has a wide frequency response to attenuate low end and low mid frequencies pre-gain
– The amount of low end hitting the germanium transistors changes the character and response of the fuzz

TOP – post-gain tone control
– Turn clockwise to cut treble, turn counterclockwise to allow more high frequencies to pass
– Tame any harsh high frequencies after the germanium fuzz stage by cutting high end
– This control allows the fuzz tones to be smoothed out to taste

– These two tone controls are versatile in the way they affect and shape the fuzz – allowing a wide range of tones via flat, scooped or mid focused EQ settings

FUZZ – traditional MKII gain control
– Clockwise for more gain, counter-clockwise for less
– Dial in a tighter fuzz or a more blown out high-gain sound
– The tone control settings affect the perceived response of the fuzz control

VOL – the output level of the pedal
– Plenty of volume on tap to push your amp!