Radio Dirtman


Fuzz | 9v | True Bypass

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I have always loved the Dirt Transmitter and recently went to re-acquire one, only to find that they are now $250+ in the used world… so I made my own and a couple for you guys too!!

I modified the Tone control to cover a wider range while still preserving the same midrange settings as the original. Far more low end can be dialed in on one end of the sweep than with the original, allowing for more low end overall.

The components have been carefully selected including NOS 2N1711 matched transistors (like the original), silver mica caps and 5% poly film caps in the tone stack. All electrolytic caps are Nichicon, the foot switch is a premium Feather Soft Click 3PDT and the enclosure is a UV printed 125B. This is definitely a step up from the common paint by numbers Dirt Transmitter clone you would see on Reverb.