Laser I


Frequency Multiplier Fuzz | 9v | True Bypass

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The Laser 1 is a frequency multiplier fuzz pedal that saturates your signal in wild overtones, vicious upper harmonic clang, and an often synth-like cacophony of frequencies.

At lower gain settings it can be gated and glitchy with a relatively mellow zing, but as the Intensity knob rolls up it piles on the bizarre metallic sounds and unforgiving fuzz.

The circuit randomly folds the signal in an attempt to create multiples of the frequencies resulting in something between an octave fuzz and otherworldly alien laser sounds.


Left Knob – Intensity (the input level)
– The further right the knob is turned, the more intensely the signal’s frequencies are multiplied. Turn left to reduce the intensity of the frequency multiplication.

Right Knob – Volume (the output level)
– Controls the output volume.

Switch – Wave Shape

Left – Smooth
– smooth out the harsh transients that result from the signal being folded and mangled

Center – Harsh
– allow all the harsh transients and clang to be heard

Right – Combo
– splits the difference between the two other modes

Each of the wave shape options add their own subtle nuances to the cacophony of tones created by the signal being folded and frequency multiplication.

**All pedal colorways/designs have the same exact circuit.**

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